About Us

About CS Boshomane Accountant

CS Boshomane Accountants is a 100 % black and female-owned close corporation. That was established in August 2003 as a Sole proprietor by Miss CS Boshomane then in 2007 was registered as a close corporation.

It offers services in accounting/bookkeeping and taxation. It started with a clientele of three close corporations of which currently its clients are more than 25 which comprises of a close corporation, schools and individuals .

CS Boshomane Accountant Journey


Miss Charity Boshomane was working for Mashimbye Financial Accountants in 2002 then in November 2002 she was transferred to serve her articles with Booysen & Dry Auditors but still working for Mashimbye Financial Accountant in the afternoon. Mr Mashimbye then decide to give me the company as he was venturing in new businesses.


The company was registered as a close corporation in February 2007 since the member was completing her articles, and at end of December 2007 she moved permanantly to work full time in her company. Our offices moved to Van Erkom Building in Pretorius Street, Pretoria 0001.


The company sub-contracted offices in Rustenburg to test the market and check if they can grow the company by opening a branch in Rustenburg but unfortunately it was encountered some challenges and was closed in 2014. Our Pretoria office was based in Relimed Building, Bosman Street, Pretoria, and Rustenburg office was 109 Mosque Plaza, 53 Berg Street, Rustenburg.


The company ventured in Bloemfontein in February 2015 then opened a branch office where the member used to visit the office monthly for a week to check the work. Our Pretoria office moved to Schoeman Forum Building, Unit 8, Francis Baard street, Hatfield, and Bloemfontein office is based in Office 1C, Fourth (4th) street, Arboretum, Bloemfontein.


The member relocated to Bloemfontein in March 2017 to grow and monitor the branch personally but visiting the Pretoria office monthly for a week.