Company Overview

Mission, Vision, Values and Objectives

CS Boshomane Accountant believes in offering quality & professional proficiency to clients to be successful, provide services that comply with code of conduct, ethics and standards of the profession. We are dedicated to market in mainly Gauteng and other provinces to explore opportunities, adapt with technology, grow profits, share knowledge and experiences, and unleash the constructive and creative abilities and energy of employees & member.

CS Boshomane Accountant is committed in providing financial solution and advise to company’s stakeholder, clients, members, employees & community. To aspire growth and pursue new opportunities and leadership

CS Boshomane Accountant value its clients, employees and suppliers at all times and practice the following values:

CS Boshomane Accountant objectives is:
To develop & transfer skills to its employees
To educate & develop its clients to understand their finances.
To assist client grow their businesses.
To develop & educate communities where we operate.
To motivate learners & students to love and enjoy accounting studies.